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Beijing Sundor Laser Equipment Co., Ltd. is an integrated modern enterprise with R&D , Producing, Sales and After-Sales Service for various industrial laser equipment involving fiber laser marking machine, fiber laser cutting machine, CO2 laser marking machine, CO2 laser welding machine, laser engraving machine, laser welding machine, laser cleaning machine, pneumatic marking machine etc.



  • Our laser marking machine factory is so busy

    We are a professional manufacturer of laser equipments like laser marking machine, laser cutting machine, laser welding machine & laser cleaning machine. Here below is our laser marking machine factory part, we are busying for producing for our overseas customers.   https://k213.goodao....

  • 1KW Fiber laser welding machine testing for our customer

    1KW fiber laser welding machine is for 0.49-2.06mm CS & 0.58-2.68 SS Steel & 2MM AL Welding Raycus Laser source, water cooling system, high precise welding head, with wire feeding. Strong welding result, good price with good service https://www.sundorlasercnc.com/uploads/welding-machine-11.mp4h...

  • One set 100W Fiber Laser Cleaning is Already for Our Poland Customer

    Fiber laser cleaning machine is more and more popular nowdays, it can do rust removal work, clean paint, clean oil and so on. No damage to the base of the material due to the no-touch surface cleaning performance Precise cleaning technic for the specific area in a selected area No need of chemist...

  • Fiber Laser Cutting Machine Factory is Busying for Producing

    Recently, we got a lot orders from both overseas & domestic customers, and our workers are busying for cutting machine producing. For the fiber laser cutting machine, we can supply working table size at 3000x1500mm, 4000x1500mm. Different machine power like 1KW, 1.5KW, 2KW, 3KW, 4KW, 6KW. If ...

  • Today I would like to recommend a new type of small fiber laser marking machine

    Today, I would like to recommend a new small fiber laser marking machine. The advantage of this marking machine is that it is very compact and easy to carry.You can wear it wherever you go.And the hand-held design is very convenient.It is favorable for large marking and multi-environment marking ...